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Building a Business: From A to Z and Headache Free

Posted by: WJ Miller
Category: blog

Dentist and entrepreneur Ziad R. El-Hayek, DMD (Dr. Z) is focused on growing his business — and he knew adding a new location for his clients was one of the most crucial steps. But, while Dr. Z runs a successful practice, he admits he knows nothing about the details of a full construction project.

“I don’t have time to research and manage the details needed to build a new office,” stated Dr. Z, whose ‘Z Dentist’ first location was established in Parma, Ohio. “After an architect prepared a plan for our new location in nearby Rocky River I interviewed several contractors to do the job, but it was hard to find a company that could execute the entire project without added guidance.”

After researching construction services, it became clear some didn’t offer the full-service approach Dr. Z needed to get his office ready for clients. “Many contractors basically handle the demolition of the space, but not the details of city building permits and code approvals—not to mention the details of the building’s design and furnishing needs,” he explained. “When comparing apples to apples on service and price, W. J. Miller Builders beat everyone.”

Handling the Details

Established in 1998, Z Dentist prides itself on providing state-of-the-art facilities for the highest quality dental care. Based on this approach and after seeing W. J. Miller Builders’ work at other offices, it made the decision easy to use the company—he just didn’t realize everything they could provide. “I knew W. J. Miller Builders produced beautiful custom cabinetry to fit our needs, but didn’t know about everything they could provide,” said Dr. Z

For a complete renovation, it’s crucial to understand the details that make the project a success, according to Bill Miller, President and CEO of W. J. Miller Builders. “Experience has taught us to proactively avoid the potential myriad of difficulties in dealing with city planning commissions, building departments and state licensing agencies, allowing our customers job to start promptly and worry free,” he said. “Delays in construction cost money.

“Ongoing, consistent communication with concise clear contracts with our clients to delineate what is and what is not included in the job up front is very important,” Bill explained. “We pride ourselves on returning calls and e-mails promptly to address any needs throughout the project.”

By being fully insured and hiring only fully insured subcontractors, W. J. Miller Builders ensures customer protection. “We also file all essential legal paperwork to safeguard our customers, including utilizing notice of commencement, conditional and unconditional waiver of lien forms, along with all other banking requirements,” stated Bill.

Due to the attention to details, Dr. Z’s new office was completed on schedule to serve patients. In addition to the overall logistics, W. J. Miller Builders executed completion of the entire interior. In addition to IT direction, structural, plumbing, electrical and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements, and the custom cabinetry and full-service interior design services provided by W. J. Miller Builders, Dr. Z’s office came to life.

“W. J. Miller Builders completed the project as promised and on time,” said Dr. Z.

 “They handled all of the details from A to Z—headache free.”