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A Builder that Cares About Your Business?

Posted by: WJ Miller
Category: e-news

Whether it’s time to renovate your office, relocate and refresh a new location or expand by embarking on building, the construction details can be overwhelming—a fact that is particularly daunting for the small business owner. With only so many hours in a day, building the perfect office can seem a very distant goal.

Yet, those who work with W. J. Miller Builders know their complete building needs will be taken care of. As a family-owned business with three generations of unmatched construction service throughout Northeast Ohio, W. J. Miller Builders is known for providing specialized dental, medical, commercial and industrial solutions empowered by a broad network of industry experts.

To celebrate being here for you for over 20 years, W. J. Miller Builders is delivering Complete Construction Insight to you each month, in addition to the latest service updates through their new website.

This month, Complete Construction Insight provides some of the top construction details to keep in mind for your project:

  1. Who’s managing the project?
    Finding a builder who understands your industry and the community you serve is crucial. Will you need to keep calling the contractor to keep the project on time? Or will they make the construction process hassle free by taking the lead on details including registration and building permits, thorough mechanical reports, architectural drawings and city approvals? It’s important to understand up front what project management services your contractor can provide—and those they can’t.
  2. Do they have a reliable network of resources?
    Even if an architect has prepared a plan for your office, orchestrating a full team of experts is vital to keeping the project on time. From information technology (IT) experts, interior design, equipment providers and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals, a full-service construction company should be able to provide and manage the best for each source to complete the job.
  3. Customized cabinetry can be affordable
    Regardless of the office space, one of the key components for an overall professional look is the cabinetry. While it’s often assumed large national cabinetry production vendors will provide a more cost-effective solution, a custom interior cabinetry package that goes beyond pre-manufactured can actually save you money.
  4. Interior design with you (and your budget) in mind
    Often the architect will recommend an interior designer to complete your office’s look, but this may cost more in the long run. A complete construction service with in-house design services can often provide alternative interior solutions that will provide the same look for half the price.

Learn how W. J. Miller Builders’ helped build a client’s business from A to Z, headache free!