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Custom Cabinetry: Better Value, Big Results

Posted by: WJ Miller
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A commonly held misconception in the construction and design realm is that custom cabinetry equals a lofty price tag; that is not the case when you work with W. J. Miller Builders. By using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Miller Builders provides their clients site specific cabinet design and construction, while eliminating product limitations, inefficiencies and unnecessary price mark ups often encountered when using a national supply chain retailer.

The result? A customized workspace at an affordable price.

Miller Builders utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC) technologies to produce unique and specialized cabinetry to meet your specifics needs, whether it’s customized cabinets to house specialized equipment or those crafted to fit specific spatial constraints. With their in-house custom cabinetry shop, Miller Builders provides personalized quality control and oversight to ensure superior products and craftmanship prior to installation within your workspace.

When planning your construction project, keep in mind the many benefits Miller Builders and their custom cabinetry solutions can offer:

  • An expanded selection in fit and finish over pre-manufactured options; what you see is what you get when browsing a pre-manufactured cabinet retailer. Miller Builders’ in-house custom build capabilities open the possibilities of creating products based on your design vision. Likewise, Miller Builders has the capability to match cabinet finishes and style to expand your current space without having to start from scratch to achieve a cohesive interior design.
  • An in-house custom build eliminates the potential of wasted dollars and time, which can be the norm when ordering from a pre-manufactured cabinet retailer. Issues related to damages sustained in the shipping process, potential product defects or simply receiving the wrong order are eliminated when working with a local build team that personally oversees your facility’s construction. From “soup to nuts,” Miller Builders is known for designing, creating and installing pieces to meet your unique requirements.
  • Purchasing your construction supplies from the source rather than utilizing a traditional retail supply chain structure enables you, the consumer, to benefit from the cost savings that would otherwise go into the hands of the “middleman.” By overseeing the ordering and shipping process of your cabinetry, Miller Builders direct source shopping frees you from paying unnecessary mark up costs, while saving you time and uncertainty with the product that eventually reaches your doorstep.
  • Utilization of the latest available technologies keep Miller Builders at the forefront of production efficiency. Auto CAD programming allows Miller Builders to duplicate the exact specifications of a build design; they don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating your custom products. In addition, CNC machining provides for product dimension accuracy and precision necessary to bring a truly customized space to fruition. Applying the latest in CAD and CNC technologies from the conceptualization stages of your project ensures the final outcome is precisely the work space you envisioned.

Miller Builders’ years of experience and dedication to stay at the cutting edge of building technologies allows them to continue to offer their clients superior quality products and services without breaking the bank—an unlikely benefit in the world of custom cabinetry!

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