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Get the Information You Need to Meet Your IT Needs

Posted by: WJ Miller
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Our Proactive Approach Saves Time and Money

Setting up a new office can seem like a monumental task with an endless to-do list—particularly when addressing specific information technology (IT) needs. At W. J. Miller Builders, we specialize in the creation and implementation of the most up-to-date technology systems by working with professionals who focus specifically on the unique needs of today’s office.

By offering step-by-step guidance, Miller Builder’s IT specialists guide you through thetechnology integration process—from the physical layout of hardware and equipment, to going live with your new IT system. Through a proactive room-by-room approach of the IT features your office requires, in addition to educating you on the latest technology possibilities, your business is our focus.

Proper Planning Yields Big Returns

Information technology specialists strategize and develop an office that runs efficiently and effectively. From the proactive planning of essential wiring, to the placement of computers and monitors, IT specialists create the most efficient and ergonomic technology spaces within your office parameters, according to W. J. Miller’s IT partner, Max Fisher, CEO & Co-Founder atSyntec based in Rocky River.

“It’s nice working with Bill because he’ll bring us into the project as early as he can. By being involved from the beginning and working together with the doctor, we can discuss plans for cabling and create blue prints where technology will be installed and integrated to improve the practice. They can literally see it take shape from a conceptual standpoint,” explains Fisher.

“It’s much more cost effective to plan well before the walls go up,” he states. “Once the wall studs are in place, we can begin running cable and ensure the cables are tested and organized into a compact networking box. Once drywall and paint are up, we can start installing monitors and mounts for the patients. Lastly, after cabinets and countertops are in, we can begin installing computers and monitors. Bill and I always work together on timing to make sure the project stays on schedule for the doctor’s needs.”

By partnering with Syntec’s team, Miller Builders can provide education and insight into:

  • Software operations setup
  • Remote access from outside the office
  • Physical surveillance system
  • Cybersecurity implementation and HIPAA compliance
  • Installation of hardware and IT system infrastructure
  • Choosing between a cloud-based practice management software vs. on-premise server
  • Staging of equipment for optimal efficiency and ergonomics
  • Data migration for a seamless carry over from an existing office
  • Security setup and HIPPA regulation requirements for dental offices
  • Data backup, disaster recovery solutions and business continuity solutions
  • Determining the ideal office specific hardware and software available
  • Developing, adapting and implementing industry-specific, best-practice-methodologies
  • Remote support services and patient environment products
  • Determination of office equipment and work stations
  • Phone system for optimal patient communication
  • Determination of the best internet and phone service provider
  • Consideration of entertainment options, including overhead music and television monitors
  • Planning for future IT needs to help grow your business

Tying it all Together

Utilizing an IT specialist not only provides comprehensive insight into the necessary equipment and optimal technology placement, Miller Builders’ professionals also assure a seamlessly built physical infrastructure to tie your space together as an efficient and cohesive unit.
“Unlike the dental supply companies who may sell computers as a foundation to digital imaging equipment, we’re focused as subject-matter experts on IT technology they need, HIPAA-compliance and cyber security for the improvement of their practice and quality of care they deliver to their patients. Our approach is integrated into every project we work on with Miller Builders.”  – Max Fisher
In the end, Miller Builders makes sure you, your staff, and most importantly, your patients reap the benefits of a modern state-of-the-art office.