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Get to Know Beneficial Restoration Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Posted by: Del Younglas
Category: e-news

The professional autonomy of a private practice is often the key spark leading many healthcare providers to open their own office doors. But, what it takes to create a functional, successful environment for the patients who walk through those doors is often overlooked.

Astrid Moise, MD, founder of the Solon Vein Clinic in Solon, Ohio learned this first-hand when beginning her journey of transforming a previous veterinary clinic into her private practice. As a board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Moise is well-versed in advanced radio frequency endovenous ablation, but admits the world of office renovation is not her expertise.

“The building I purchased had sat empty for two years — it was in rough shape and required a complete gut,” explains Dr. Moise. “After considering a few recommended general contractors, I choose Miller Builders. Bill Miller brought up issues I didn’t even know about or had considered.”


Here are some of the top office renovation tips Dr. Moise learned throughout the four-month construction project that launched her vein clinic:

1. Building permit knowledge saves time

Most construction projects require a business obtain a building permit, which generally includes, among many things: completing an application; several meetings with the city or county for building plan approval; and scheduling regular inspections during construction.

Miller Builders is skilled at overall professional project management, including securing necessary city registrations and building permits for all construction trades. “There were a lot of meetings with the city Bill took care of, saving me time.”

Get a look at the detailed approach Miller Builders uses to conquer each restoration element seamlessly for their clients.

2. Creativity is key

Dr. Moise’s purchased building was only 1,200 square feet, but she was adamant the renovated space be designed to include four patient rooms. “Bill was able to develop a plan where he could optimize the space to give me what I need,” says Dr. Moise. “This included completely reconfiguring the space from one suitable for animals to one suitable for people.”

Learn more about how Miller Builders plans your office project from start to finish with their official Design Guide.

3. Proactive planning ensures success

With visions of a finished restoration welcoming patients and boosting business, it’s important to step back and proactively plan each construction detail to ensure the best patient experience. Some upfront essentials Dr. Moise learned from Miller Builders includes:

  • Think about your patient’s needs: Many practices have a separate check-in and check-out area. “This allows for a little more privacy for payment and scheduling follow-up appointments, and is especially important for patient privacy rights, too,” she explains.
  •  Address key internal workings: Dr. Moise thought it was a given her reception area would offer coffee and water; Bill made sure water lines were placed appropriately to make it happen — before the walls went up.
  • Don’t forget IT: In a world driven by technology, the implementation and integration of technology during the office design process is critical. “Bill simplified my IT needs by bringing in the best to handle all of the data connection.”

Get the inside information on how Miller Builders addresses the critical pre-planning stage of technology integration, personalized for each space.

4. Personalize with design

While Dr. Moise knew what she wanted her new practice’s interior to look like, making her vision a reality was harder than expected. “When I realized how many decisions had to be made, having an interior designer on the Miller Builders team made the whole process much easier,” she explains.

From selection of flooring, baseboards and cabinetry, to deciding if each patient room and the employee breakroom would present a different look, interior designer Diane Miller organized each detail, in addition to keeping the project on schedule. “She sourced all of the samples for me, from paint to carpeting and the custom cabinetry options and countertops for each space,” says Dr. Moise. “Diane even brought in some unusual design elements to make my practice unique.”

One unexpected design element Diane incorporated at the Vein Clinic is a living wall. Also known as a green wall or vertical garden, this vertical installation offers an inspirational green space experience that functions as art while providing the benefits of nature. Overall, green walls make the most of a minimal surface area, in addition to producing beneficial oxygen in the space.

Learn more about how Miller Builders 20-plus years of interior design experience can transform a space that is both aesthetically pleasing to elevate your business.

“Finding an experienced contractor who knows exactly what a medical office needs, in addition to staying on budget and on time, is an essential asset — Bill Miller and Miller Builders is that asset,” says Dr. Moise. “At the end of the day, you don’t know what you don’t know. Bill and his team educated me on what I needed to know.”

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