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Top Office Renovation Budget Tips to Grow for the Future

Posted by: Del Younglas
Category: e-news

In the coronavirus era, the need to grow for your customers can be challenging. You know it may be time to upgrade your business or medical practice by renovating a new space or current office, but how can you make sure it’s a wise investment?

To help, Miller Builders wants to empower you with some top renovation cost-out tips that pay the best interest — for you and your customers.

TIP #1

Get an honest opinion

Demo work - W J Miller Builders
New Finished Hallway - W J Miller Builders

If you’re looking to move office locations and renovate an existing structure, one of the first smart steps is to have an objective eye make sure it’s the best fit. It isn’t unusual for office renovation costs to increase if you’re refurbishing an older building with quirky, outdated spaces and issues, such as slanted floors. But, even if you’ve fallen in love with the building, an experienced general contractor can give you a thorough review of the space — and an honest assessment — before demo begins. This complete project site analysis of building conditions and construction cost assessment is critical for overall success, according to Bill Miller, president, Miller Builders.

“If we find a structure has sound overall structural qualities, in addition to having good street vision, some street appeal and adequate parking, we’ll recommend renovating,” explains Bill. “While we may advise against renovating certain buildings, the cost of renovation is substantially less than building new.”

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TIP #2

Know the numbers

Financial Considerations - W J Miller Builders

If you’re running a medical business, the decision to expand your office space is focused around the needs of your patients — not what the total cost of a renovation will be. To understand what a renovation will cost, it’s important to talk with several lending institutions to compare and save.

“We work closely with three outside banks that specialize in dental and medical office financing — they can provide the best cost insight upfront,” says Bill. “Typically, the renovation cost is not based just on real estate value, but on what the real estate and the capital improvement combined will be.

“Hypothetically, a $100,000 building will cost another $100,000 in renovation for a dental office build out,” explains Bill. “Our financial sources are able to work with medical entrepreneurs to finance the funds they need, where some commercial banks would not be able to.”

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TIP #3

Think IT upfront

Dental office IT considerations - W J Miller Builders

While the aesthetics of your office can return a big dividend in patient satisfaction, proactively planning the technology that lies behind the walls should take precedence. Now more than ever, technology’s role in the business environment is required to ensure maximum efficiency and enhanced delivery of customer service.

By offering step-by-step guidance, Miller Builder’s IT specialists guide you through the room-by-room technology integration process — from the physical layout of hardware and equipment — well before the walls go up.

“By strategizing the implementation and integration of technology during the office design process we can not only ensure the best operating office — but save money,” says Bill.

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TIP #4

Go custom and save (really!)

Custom cabinetry - W J Miller Builders
Laminate sampels - W J Miller Builders

It’s often thought a custom office interior — complete with tailored cabinetry and countertops — can sabotage a renovation budget. But, there are actually ways you can keep costs down while still impressing patients with your new office space. Miller Builders is dedicated to producing custom cabinetry specialized to the needs of today’s dental office and healthcare industry. By going beyond pre-manufactured cabinet construction with an in-house shop focus, the highest quality customized solutions for patient care can be delivered, explained Mike Miller, head of Miller Builders in-house custom cabinetry division.

“Our in-house custom cabinetry is run by tailored CAD (computer aided design) planning to design operatories, reception desks, sterilization and lab areas,” states Mike. “This gives us the edge financially to be able to sell direct to our customers — it’s like buying fine furniture at half the cost.”

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