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Hear How Customized Care = Renovation Results

Posted by: Del Younglas
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Hear First-Hand About Miller Builders Personalized Approach Advantages

Chagrin Highlands Dental Group’s office manager Christine Monè knows all too well about the challenges of remodeling an office building. A veteran of overseeing numerous new builds and renovations, she understands the key to a project’s success is driven by hiring the best general contractor for the job. Yet, finding this piece to the building renovation puzzle is often tricky — and if not chosen correctly, costly.

To launch Chagrin Highlands’ remodel in the right direction for its owner Douglas Desatnik, DDS, Christine turned to the practice’s membership benefits of The Paragon Program™. The full-service dental practice management consulting firm recommended certain construction contractors, but these companies couldn’t provide service to the practice’s Highland Hills, Ohio location.

Fortunately, the contractor who couldn’t take on Christine’s job knew who could. “He highly recommended Bill Miller of Miller Builders. Knowing that recommendation came from somebody connected with Paragon and that he could vouch for Bill made up my mind to move forward,” she stated. “And, I could tell when speaking with Bill this was not his first rodeo.”

Here’s how the word-of-mouth recommendation of Miller Builders benefited the Chagrin Highlands renovation for proactive, ongoing success:


The ability to be prepared for anything

Chagrin Highlands Renovation - W J Miller Builders
Chagrin Highlands Renovation - W J Miller Builders

Miller Builders began the Chagrin Highlands job in January 2020 — just months before the nationwide COVID-19 shut down. Yet, this didn’t stop Bill Miller and his team’s efforts to keep the project moving forward, according to Christine.

“I commend them for doing the best they could in the middle of a pandemic,” she says. “He kept in contact with me when he needed to and if I had questions on a Saturday, Bill answered the phone. When I needed to decide on the smallest change, he would get my approval and move the project ahead how I wanted.”

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Specialized budget-wise solutions

Chagring Highlands Renovation - Front Desk - W J Miller Builders

When thinking about an office remodel, expanding the space often comes to mind, but Chagrin Highlands actually made the office smaller. To condense the office and rework the front area to capitalize on wasted space, Miller Builders was charged with not only gutting the entire building, but finding cost-effective options for the overall project.

One of the ways Miller Builders delivered on its promise to Christine was by offering in-house custom cabinetry service. By being dedicated to producing cabinetry specialized for the needs of today’s dental office, Miller Builders goes beyond pre-manufactured cabinet construction with an in-house shop focused on delivering the highest quality customized solutions for patient care — affordably.

“Bill genuinely cares about his work, and because of that he never took a short cut. He not only personally managed and installed our cabinetry, he went above and beyond on every aspect of what the job needed,” says Christine.

When you’re ready to start an office renovation, call Bill.


Interior design guidance for new-look confidence

Chagrin Highlands Renovation - W J Miller Builders

Christine admits she’s honed her construction and design experience over the years, but she’s not a professional — especially when it comes to interior design. Fortunately, Miller Builders provides the insight each client needs with its personal interior designer, Diane Miller.

“Diane sat with me for over four hours and went through countless carpet and paint chip samples for me to consider. She was diplomatically honest and very instructive with color and design insight,” explains Christine. “I was a little terrified at the wallpaper I chose for my waiting room, but Diane supported my bold decision — and it looks awesome.”

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