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Think an Office Restoration Will Slow Down Business? Think Again.

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It’s a fact: time is money. And this couldn’t be more accurate than for business owner Michael Morgan, DDS, MS. As a leading Cleveland periodontist, Dr. Morgan along with his partner Matthew Lemke, DDS, MS provide a combined 30-plus years of advanced experience in treating over 6,000 complex dental implant procedures each year—an innovative reputation attracting patients from as far as Toledo and Pittsburgh.

To help meet their patients’ growing needs, an office remodel to expand and equip with the latest technology became necessary. Fortunately, Drs. Morgan and Lemke knew who could do the job on schedule and without interruption.

“We completed a major office renovation in 2009 with W. J. Miller Builders, and there was no question when it was time to expand that we would call Bill Miller again,” stated Dr. Morgan. “Ten years later, they came back to construct the new space while we worked out of the old space.

“Within two months, the addition and renovation were complete by breaking through the existing wall to combine the spaces and finish it over a weekend,” he said. “We knew the project would be seamless with no workflow interruption—a win, win for us and our patients.”

Meeting the Remodel Mandates

To keep your business up and running during a remodel, here are a few first-hand tips learned from Drs. Morgan and Lemke’s project:

Find a contractor ahead of your industry’s curve

There are construction contractors who can put up walls and install cabinetry, but finding a resource with the know-how to integrate the required technology including IT needs, dental plumbing and medical gas equipment is not always easy.

“Miller Builders knows the ins-and-outs of the dental and medical industries’ state regulatory guidelines regarding the latest technology our practice requires for best patient care,” Dr. Morgan explained. “Bill walked us through the overall design process and assured us everything would be positioned appropriately.

Miller Builders is an expert at understanding the importance of the operatory and laboratory flow, according to Dr. Morgan. “That’s critical towards the efficiency of patient safety.”

Be assured construction crises can be solved

A renovation project is not without its challenges, and Drs. Morgan and Lemke’s remodel presented its own. Upon deconstruction for the first phase of their office remodel, black mold was found in the walls as a weekend approached—a time period normally dedicated to moving the project ahead of schedule.

Without hesitation, Bill Miller contacted the building’s landlord and put a remediation plan in place by the following Monday morning. “Rather than waiting the whole weekend and coming to me at the beginning of the week with the issue, he had already found the solution,” stated Dr. Morgan. “Bill and his team offer invaluable project management on all issues.”

Learn how Miller Builders complete project management can simplify your renovation.

Know you can get the best cabinetry for less

A commonly held misconception in the dental office construction and renovation realm is that custom cabinetry equals a high price tag. With requirements including cabinetry that meets the needs of specialized dental and medical equipment that also presents aesthetically well, increased cost is usually the norm when working with a national supply chain retailer.

And, even though Drs. Morgan and Lemke’s practice required the best of the best in cabinetry fit, finish and function for their laboratory and operatory areas to provide regenerative periodontal (gum) therapy and dental implant placement, they knew Miller Builders could provide it affordably. Miller Builders’ secret? State-of-the-art equipment and technology that provides their clients site specific cabinet design and construction, while eliminating product limitations, inefficiencies and unnecessary price mark ups.

By utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC) technologies to produce unique and specialized cabinetry to meet each client’s specifics needs, Miller Builders manufacturers customized cabinets to house specialized equipment or those crafted to fit specific spatial constraints. With an in-house custom cabinetry shop, their personalized quality control and oversight ensures superior products and craftmanship prior to installation within each workspace.

The result for Drs. Morgan and Lemke’s renovation is customized workspaces at an affordable price. “We utilize advanced technical equipment for the LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure) and immediate function dental implants that require equipment and lines that can be tucked away into the cabinets,” he explained. “Miller Builders’ customized cabinetry fit our needs.”

Find out more about Miller Builders custom cabinetry solutions.
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Make sure your schedule matters

Construction is often synonymous with “starts and stops”—particularly when a contractor often goes missing for days at a time. This approach not only slows down the project’s timeline, but often results in lost revenue.

“My only concern for our renovation project was that it was on time and we could serve our patients continuously,” Dr. Morgan stated. “With Miller Builders, our schedule was the priority.”

In addition to delivering the hands-on approach required for dental and medical office construction, Miller Builders provided interior design services to save remodel time for Drs. Morgan and Lemke. With over 20 years of interior design experienceMiller Builders made certain their expanded space conveyed the same welcoming and reassuring atmosphere from the originally built office from 10 years prior—while meeting their schedule.

“A lot of coordination was needed to make this happen, but Bill and his team were able complete the project seamlessly—with zero downtime,” states Dr. Morgan.

Learn more about how Miller Builders provides cost-effective full-service construction solutions to meet your needs!